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Educational Enrichment and Visits

Educational Enrichment

At St John’s we have always endeavoured make learning as interesting and engaging as possible.  Enrichment opportunities are vital to learning units and include such activities as:

  • Educational day visits –e.g.  museums, parks, theatres, places of work, farms;
  • Education residential visits – Year 6 five day residential in Llandudno and Year 5 three day residential
  • Visitors into school – e.g.  the emergency services, museum service, poets, theatre groups, dentists, war veterans, Road Safety Team, Horticultural Society;
  • Thematic events – e.g.  Greek Day, Pirate Day, Tudor Day, Victorian School Day, V.E. Day, Rainbow Day, Music Week, Science Week, Anti-Bullying Week, Road Safety Week, Maths Week.

Educational Visits

Educational visits are invaluable opportunities for our children to have first hand experiences to support their lessons. They can visit historic sites, large pieces of art, museums, theatres or see a variety of animals in real life. 

Classes usually go on at least one visit per year, but may also have visitors in the classroom to further their learning.

By the time they are in class O ( 9/10 years old ), they go on residential visits.  These are excellent opportunities for children to experience sleeping away from home in a supportive environment with their friends. They also give the children the chance to access activities that they would not normally try.   In class O they visit an activity centre where they carry out activities such as archery, climbing, caving and kayaking.  In class N, as a contrast, children currently go on a residential field trip to Llandudno, where they study the seashore and mountain environment and have lots of fun!!! Friendships and memories are formed on these trips that last forever!

To cover the cost of entry or workshops, coach costs and insurance we need to ask for voluntary contributions for each child.  We can often work closely with parents for whom costs are a difficulty.

All visits are thoroughly researched, planned and assessed for risk by the leading member of staff and recorded on our database, checked and authorised by our educational visits coordinator and the Principal

In addition to these planned events teachers and adults in school also give the children opportunities for hands on and practical experiences related to their learning.  This includes bringing in objects and artefacts from home, photographs and personal stories and anecdotes.  This allows everyone in school to bring their own experiences and knowledge together to enrich the learning of all pupils.