St John's C.E. Primary Academy

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Links with the Community

The Academy is fully supported by the local community of Clifton Village.

It is it often central to the life of the community, taking part in whole village events such as the 'Faffen Fuffen Fayre', Christmas Cracker concert and jubilee celebrations, and is heavily involved in the village community association. It also invites the community to events such as the academy Remembrance Service held at the war memorial each November.

 Villagers regularly visit school to share their memories of times past, or support the school with the upkeep of its wonderful garden and outdoor areas.  We are also regularly visited by residents with special skills or jobs to support our topic work ( such as a dentist, doctor and musicians ).    The local football team, 'The Clifton Rangers' helps to provide our children with extra curricular sports activities, and we have regular activities run by members of the local churches.

 Local businesses in Clifton also support us, helping us fund raise, lending facilities or providing resources when needed, helping children to experience a range of activities and experiences to encourage their knowledge of enterprise and the world of work.

The excellent relationships with our neighbours is reflected in the way they support events,  retrieve lost school bags from the park, and keep an eye on our building during out of school hours. 

Our local community police officers are regular visitors to the school helping with topic work and safety promotion, as are local health workers, the fire service and local councillors and MP.  

Our children, consequently are growing up in a supportive environment, where they feel valued and cared for.  In turn, they display excellent manners and attitudes to the range of people they meet, and are developing a sense of citizenship and pride in their community.

 The academy also has well developed links with other communities. We share project work and visits with two contrasting schools in Halifax, where the children develop friendships with children from different backgrounds and have experiences of different cultures.  We are also currently developing links with a local special school (we LOVE their wheelchair dance display team!) and also with our link parish of Rwamkoma in Tanzania.