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Requesting Absence & Absence Data


At St John’s we strongly believe that ‘attendance is its own reward’. In other words, Children have to be here to learn and achieve. As Ofsted wrote:

‘Over the last three years, attendance has been around 97% which is well above the national average’ (Ofsted 2008)

Children themselves were praised by Ofsted in a letter to pupils:

‘Your behaviour is impeccable and at over 97% your attendance is impressive’ (2008)

Summary Absence Statistics – Over the Last 5 Years

For the last 5 years our attendance is consitently 97% and above. 

The total number of pupils of compulsory age (5 years+) on roll is 210                       

St John’s stresses the legal duty for parents/guardians to ensure regular and punctual attendance of their child(ren).

 Children should only be absent for: Illness, unavoidable medical or dental appointments and exceptional family circumstances, i.e. wedding or funeral